The Neighbourhood

Written by Peter Elverum.

The Neighbourhood is a 5 member band from LA that’s been making some major waves in the indie music scene with their fresh sound, and unique stylistic vision. They’ve been playing shows to ecstatic audiences on their latest North American tour.

Check out a track here:

Band members Zach and Jeremy lend their prowess on guitar with Mikey on bass, Brian on drums, and Jesse on lead vocals. Part of what has been pulling in audiences is the unique sound the band has found. Drawing from different backgrounds and inspirations has given them a distinct flavour resulting in their fanbase explosion. With hip hop-styled drums, atmospheric guitar and enveloping vocals, the band delivers when it comes to stage performances.

The five all hail from the same neighbourhood in LA where they met by chance, playing in different bands before eventually running into each other. A shared experience brought their love of music to the forefront and helped them solidify their decision to pursue their musical careers. Highlights from their current tour were their sold out Portland show (a crowd of 1500 strong) and their Seattle show where the crowd demanded an encore after the band had already played through their set list.

From a live perspective, the band puts on an inviting show with a distinct seductive edge. Mixing a few classic hip hop covers in with the bands original content opened up the floor for everyone to get involved and shout out some lyrics. Their stage presence was excellent, and at times it felt like the band members were playing the audience as much as their instruments. Lead singer Jesse was taking pictures and singing face-to-face with the front row and several rows behind while he was climbing onto the Biltmore’s corner speakers to sing to the crowd. Overall: an extremely engaging and entertaining show, and I would definitely go again.

When asked about future plans, the band’s response is that they’re going to keep pushing their own boundaries in order to evolve and expand as artists.

On a final note, I asked the band if they had any advice for artists trying to breakout and they had this to say: “Don’t be this year, be next year.”

Good listening!