Written by Nick Foreman.

Tucked away in the northern end of the downtown East side, there’s a little restaurant called Lanalou’s. Last Thursday night, Lanalou’s hosted a show put on by Snail Productions, and it was one of the best rock shows I’ve been to so far this year. There was something for everyone: from heavy Motorhead inspired riffs, to heavy ambient (yes, heavy and ambient can go together) jams, conga lines, and surf punk.  You just can’t go wrong.

First on the bill was Sexloader. They walked on stage wearing sunglasses, jean jackets, vests adorned with the band logo, had a banner behind the drums, a fog machine, and cool lights. How did they sound, you might be wondering? Well, like I said: they sound like Motorhead. And it’s awesome. Ok, they don’t “just” sound like Motorhead, but if I say they do then at least you get the idea. These guys play hard rock music, and they have the energy and presence on stage to back it up. They also have one of the most entertaining, and energetic, drummers I’ve seen in a long time. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them play again. There’s just something about wanting to drink beer, listen to heavy music, and smash things that just takes me back to high school. I don’t really smash things anymore.

Alright, next in the line-up was Bright Red Kite. What the fuck, man? Who planned this show? Bright Red Kite are a heavy band in a different way. Bright Red Kite are heavy in the same way that The Flaming Lips’ release of Dark Side of The Moon is heavy. Groove, baby—that’s what they’ve got. I need to emphasize the groove. They had great tunes that built up as more and more sonic space became occupied. The bass player often switched from keys to bass during the same riff in one song. I think everyone in the band except the drummer played the keyboard.

After their set, I approached the band to tell them how stoked I was on their performance. The guys are really cool, and they told me they had stashed kites all over Lanalou’s. If you found a kite, you were to bring it to the merch table in exchange for a Bright Red Kite CD. How sick is that?

The third band in the line-up was none other than the Fraser Valley’s own Little Wild. This is a band that I’ve seen play at a Lion’s Club in Chilliwack with a faulty P.A. system in front of a crowd of about 40 screaming teenagers, and still have front man Layton Keely belt out the vocals louder than everything else. At this show however, the P.A. was spot on. You can see for yourself, we took videos! Do I really need to write this part of the review? You can just watch the video and see how awesome Little Wild are, and then you can kick yourself for missing this show. Seriously though, this band has been tight since I first saw them at Record Store Day 2012, and this show was no different in that aspect. The energy they bring by interacting with the crowd—inciting hand clapping and sing-alongs and conga lines—really makes it easy to feel at home at a Little Wild show.

Finally, the band to shut down the club: Treasure Eyes. This shouldn’t be the first time you read their name. Treasure Eyes are a lot of things, not the least of which is high energy. You can’t help but move when they start their set, and you can’t really stop until they do. I felt good after their set because Treasure Eyes didn’t hold back at all. They hit the stage, and rocked out pure energy until their set is over.

My hat’s off to Snail Productions for putting this killer show together, and to every band that played. If you haven’t seen any of these bands, you have to check them out. Go on their Facebook page, like them, and see when they play next. Some of them are playing again really soon, and possibly at a watering hole near you!