Property maintenance costs in Spain

If you have decided to buy property in Spain, you may have new prospects. Excellent property options can be found on this website However, you should not forget that buying property entails some extra costs. Maintaining a house in Spain is not always cheap, so let’s talk about it in more detail.

Without insurance can not do without those who have purchased a home in the mortgage – in Spain in this situation, the borrower is obliged to insure the object from the unforeseen situations. And communication services – telephone, television and the Internet are necessary for those who spend a lot of time in the country. If you want to “disconnect yourself from civilization”, you can do without this item of expenditure. Usually in Spain, providers offer combined packages, including TV, Internet and telephone.

Thus, deciding to choose to buy a home in Spain, you should put in the financial plan annual payments for the maintenance of an apartment or house. Okay, if the property is rented out in your absence – then income will cover these costs. But for the situation to be so favorable and the housing is not idle, you should take care of this in advance.

The right property in Spain – how to recoup all maintenance costs?

That events unfolded in an ideal scenario, to think about its aspects should be at the planning stage of buying a house or apartment.

If you want to come on vacation in Spain, and the rest of the time to rent a home, the option, far from civilization – beach, entertainment, interesting places, infrastructure, will not work. No matter how much you want the time that you will live in the acquired property yourself, to be as if on a desert island, you have to sacrifice this desire. In such cases, you should choose an apartment in a big city, which is not in season will be relevant as an object for rent. The right solution in this case is to buy an apartment in Barcelona. There will always be a demand for accommodation in cities where tourists flock all year round. Very profitable to buy a home in Girona, Madrid, Seville, Marbella.

It will look a little different situation, in which the future owner of the property plans to live in Spain most of the time. Here you can already be guided primarily by their own preferences about the type and location of housing.

Another great option – a combination of own accommodation and business to place tourists in the same house. But in terms of legal organization of such a scenario – this is a separate topic.

Buy, you can’t put off

Spain is a great option for investing in real estate abroad. Many items of housing costs are more democratic than in other European countries. The above amounts, which will be spent on the annual maintenance of the house or apartment – many times lower than in neighboring European countries. Also here is a very affordable credit for foreigners, there will be no bureaucratic obstacles for those who decide to start their own business. Therefore, in the case of Spain do not work those principles, because of which the purchase of foreign housing as such may be disadvantageous.

So does it make sense, continuing to go to Spain, once again to spend large sums on rent? In the case of this country – it is not only not rational, it is a rejection of the great chance to find a new source of income. Now is the time to buy housing in this country – price growth is still moderate, there are many options, comparable in value with real estate in our country. This is the moment when the proposal “Buy, you can not postpone” comma stands in the right place. Accommodation in Spain is a profitable and successful investment. Welcome!