Written by Sarah Fawcett

Introduce each of the band members. For those who don’t know the band: who is Philoceraptor? 

We are a C-tier Vancouver indie band that has just released our first full length album Stop Ruining Fun.

Steve Mann – guitar and vocals. Nova Scotian. Taught English in Korea – favourite phrase “Moko juke ja” (translates to “drink til’ we die”).

Justin Penney – guitar and vocals. Montreal. “Providing a one sentence fun fact about myself has been the highlight of my day.”

Phil Jette – Drums (on hiatus). Cambridge, Ontario via Val d’Or, Quebec. Once had 2 gerbils named Microchip and Bubblejet. And a hamster named Megabyte.

Tom Nugent – Drums. New Brunswick. Photographer. Recently had a shot of his chosen by Japandroids as their new promo photo.

Describe your music using three words?

Eloquent hissy fit.

So true! Your band name is…mindblowing. I love it. Back story behind it?

Justin’s girlfriend (now wife) talks in her sleep. Sometimes she’s recounting a swash buckling adventure, others she’s accusing you of stealing her rainbow marmalade machine. On this one evening she blurted out the word “Philoceraptor.” Justin immediately texted the word to me. I told him it was a perfect band name. A few weeks later I joined him and Phil for a jam; we wrote our first song “Grammar” that night. 

I’m going to hang out with the band. Describe what an evening with Philoceraptor would be like?

It’s a Thursday. We will gather at Two Parrots at Granville and Davie. The hostess will try and give us menus and we’ll laugh because it’s wing night. Before being whisked away you notice that Steve is on the menu cover, and you’ll be told the tale of how he is a 2-time reigning hard shell taco eating champion having last bested a Mexican man by eating 39 tacos in an hour. It is equal parts awesome and off-putting, but all is remedied as 2 pitchers of beer JUST APPEAR. You ask, “what’s good?” We tell you, “Everything.” You say, “Even the dill pickle wing?” We say, “Yes.” As we talk of music, current events, and bad movies, you ask to try one of Justin’s habanero wings and are advised against it.

You “accidently” spill a glass and in the ensuing chaos steal a habanero wing, and after the first glorious bite you immediately regret the decision. Things get hazy as beer fails to quench the escalating heat as you rally to save your mouth from the unquenchable fire of habanero vengeance. We will stumble into the early evening and head to our jam space. We will get 3 songs in and realize we didn’t pick up any beer. We will inevitably end up playing Weezer songs in order to include you in a sing-along. We will part ways, and all awake Friday morning parched, dazed, and unrepentant.

THE DILL PICKLE WING!! Don’t mind if I do. (laughter) What 3 Weezer songs would you play? What’s your reasoning?

Say It Ain’t So – Justin and I used to play this in our university cover band. I think we could be blinded with cobra venom.

We Are All On Drugs – “Because I want to be the first” – Justin

The Good Life – just one of the many songs off Pinkerton that makes for a self-loathing hootenanny.

Tell us all about the new album! TELL US EVERYTHING! 

The new album is called Stop Ruining Fun. It’s a sort-of concept album exploring what it is to be a pleasure-seeking egoist in a band who finds that reality counters with consequences. The means of dealing with these consequences is to try and bury them in loud noise and sing-along harmonies. We want listeners to find themselves awkwardly singing “I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna go to jail,” in a crowded elevator. And if they dig the songs as singles, we hope they then really listen to the album and follow the story that flows through from start to finish.

Check out Philoceraptor at The Hive here!