Matt Blais

Written by Daniel Cowart.

To promote his upcoming, self-produced, February 26 release, Heartbeat, Matt Blais is coming back to Vancouver for his first tour since 2010!

The boy has a confident presence on stage and certainly rejoices in the reality that to perform is to share a beautiful experience with your audience.

Instead of saying it myself, I may as well refer to a credible source that expresses this quite eloquently – If I do say so myself, and I just did (in writing [typing])

“His high energy set was a definite crowd pleaser, and everyone was up out of their seats for the entire performance. With a voice reminiscent of The Cat Empire (minus the accent), Blais powered through his rock songs, and showed his ability to go in a bluesy direction, with accompanying harmonica, that really brings out the grit in his vocals. Keeping with the theme of the opening acts, Blais brought in a cover of “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz that was thundering, with good horn additions to make it his own. He transitioned smoothly to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition“, but a version that was slower, harder and very slick. Next, a cover of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out“, full of the same joy and energy that Blais showed with the rest of the set, highlighting the great new material on the release. Fans eagerly streamed to the merch table, securing their own copy, which came free with paid entrance to the show.”

– Live Review – YYC Music Calgary

Woah! Sounds like a good show doesn’t it???

You’ll catch Matt Blais at Joe’s Apartment on Feb 23rd with The Cut Lossess and The Coalition. Quite the line up, and a VERY beautiful venue! I wonder if Matt has enough stage presence to climb up onto the balcony that covers the stage… I’m assuming you (the reader) are familiar with Joe’s Apartment… and if you’re not: GO ON FEBRUARY 23rd!

Matt has played with K-OS, won The 2008 Big Rock Star Talent Competition and performed at the 2008 Juno Festival! That was in 2008: it’s been 5 years since then… So, instead of hyping this any further, I may as well give a direct example of a Matt Blais performance from a few months ago… words can hardly express what a good video provides.