Introduce the band Greys. How did the band come to be?

Greys is myself on vocals and guitar, Cam Graham on guitar, Braeden Craig on drums and Colin Gillespie on bass. Cam and I met in high school and wanted to start a band that allowed us to be really loud, so we started this band. Braeden joined and then it became a real thing with tours and records and such. It took us a few tall weirdoes to finally settle on the ginger of our hearts, which is Colin.

There’s a ginger out there for everyone. (laughter) Describe your music using three words.

Sour patch kids.

Yum! (I crave Sour Patch Kids!) Next question: The name of the band and the story behind it?

It’s a term for aliens and I really like the X-Files so, yeah. Shot in Vancouver mostly!

I feel like we should do a high five but we are miles apart. (sad face) You recently played two shows in Vancouver, what was your west coast experience like?

We love the west coast. Ever since our first time out there, it’s always been great, and it’s like our spiritual home. Most of our favourite bands are from the Pacific Northwest, so it’s really cool to go out there and be welcomed so enthusiastically every time. Vancouver in particular is always pretty mental. Last year we played on Canada Day and a friend of ours ended up needing stitches. This year, our first show was relatively tame, but the second one involved a completely naked man, whose penis I used as a microphone. So, that’s a thing.

Yes, that would be considered a “thing.” (laughter) What got you guys into music? Who were your early musical idols and why? 

I can’t really speak on behalf of the other guys, but I know that my older brother and my parents were a big part of my being a musical kid. It was always around me growing up. My dad played me “Satisfaction” by the Stones one time as loud as possible, and that was sort of a defining moment in my life. There was also this trifecta of badass imagery in 1991, when I was four years old, that had a lot to do with it. John Connor listening to Guns N Roses in Terminator 2, the creepy video for “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, and Kurt Cobain smashing guitars on TV every hour on the hour kind of sealed the deal for me. After all that, what else could I do?

Best and worst thing about tour? Any funny stories come to mind?

This is a loaded question. The best and worst thing is eating all the cool stuff that different cities have to offer, but that food is usually terrible for you, so we all feel like shit half the time. We got held up at the border when we crossed into Michigan a couple months ago, and when we went back into the van, our iPod was set to our own band’s songs, which means that the border police were listening to our band trying to decide whether to let us in or not. The fact that we got in probably just means we aren’t punk enough.

Nah! The new album. Tell us all about it. Why should people take a listen? Any themes throughout? 

Drift is the latest thing. It came out in March. We recorded it last August. It’s the heaviest thing we’ve ever done. People should listen to it because all the kids are raving about it. There’s less of a running theme on this record than on previous things we’ve done, but I also consciously tried to make the songs a bit more varied in terms of their subject matter. So one song deals with my lack of faith in our health care system while another is about Kurt Russell and Patrick Swayze looking similar.