Engagement and wedding rings

The European tradition of giving the girl you love an engagement ring is gradually catching on in other countries as well. Now young people offer brides not only a hand and heart, but also a special piece of jewelry. Why special? Because, firstly, the engagement ring differs from the others by its recognizable design, and secondly, it is worn on the same finger as the wedding ring. Tightly neighboring rings should complement each other, creating a stylish jewelry composition. We’ll tell you how to pick a harmonious wedding set and what to do if you have a reason not to.

The perfect combination of engagement and wedding ring

The easiest way to combine your engagement and wedding ring perfectly is to buy jewelry sold in a set. Wedding sets are available at any jewelry store. A thoughtfully designed set perfectly “sits” on the ring finger and looks like a single piece of jewelry: elegant, stylish and very effective. For a completely complete set, look for a “trio” that includes two rings for the bride and one wedding ring for the groom. One match for all three pieces of jewelry is enough: gold of identical color, the same stones, or the same style.

If you don’t like ready-made sets, try to find an engagement ring that will pair flawlessly with a wedding ring. Turn on your sense of taste to the fullest and go on a shopping spree.

Look for points of intersection:

  • An engagement ring with vintage motifs will only look good together with a similar ring.
  • Feel free to stack your jewelry in a classic “solitaire” style: a solitaire ring with a large center stone and a sleek engagement ring.
  • Ring bezels should be the same width so that the engagement ring does not overwhelm the other (or vice versa).
  • If one piece of jewelry has an engraved or carved pattern, the other should have the same pattern.

Combining stones and metals

Dreaming of engagement rings vancouver with diamonds or other gemstones?  Be sure that the shade of the inlays is absolutely identical. Even a slight deviation will upset the harmony, not to mention the outright contrasts. You may not wear an engagement ring with a band of alternating pink and yellow diamonds alongside a ring with a white diamond in the center surrounded by purple tanzanite.

Do the characteristics of the diamond in the engagement ring leave much to be desired?Correct them visually with a second ring inlaid with stones of higher clarity and transparency.  They will increase the overall “brilliance index” of the wedding set.