Written by Peter Elverum.

Bright Red Kite is a local Vancouver band made up of the instrument switching, scavenger hunting, dead panning members Scott Jeffrey, Derek Lowes (the only member to stick to one instrument; drums), Matt Pate, and Jarrett Phillips. Bringing to the table two finished albums, the band has some mileage to them and they’re only going up in the world.

Band mates Scott, Derek and Jarrett were long time friends dating back to highschool level band before any notion of forming a musical ensemble graced their minds. Fast forward through years of highschool (Bright Red Kite came about towards the end of these highschool years) and post-secondary level music industry related school (varying from sound engineering to studies in composition) and a fateful craigslist ad brought Matt into the bands sights in 2011. Occurring at a point of osmosis for the group (in between their first release in 2008, Electric Rainbow Cathedral and their latest effort of 2012, Murmur Mutter Roar) after an alternate band member folded out, it was sheer luck that the first audition held for the open position happened to be for one Matt Pate.

This cued a change in style for Bright Red Kite, leaning away from the eclectic styling of Electric Rainbow Cathedral. The guys consider Murmur Mutter Roar to be a more accurate representation of their style, which has progressively become more focused as they continue to refine all aspects of their sound. These days at live performances, you’ll see longer more involved pieces as well as classics off MMR. The guys keep things fun and involved, keeping up repertoire with the crowd and even planting a few scavenger hunt items which can be traded in for free CD’s.

Stylistically the guys try to avoid being overly influenced by anything. They don’t want to recreate whats already out there, or to follow trends as far as lyrical styling and composition is concerned. This is apparent in their newest material which they’re playing live. They write and compose the songs together, trying to incorporate characteristics from each of them into their music. Song to song might sound different, but their system has helped all of their songs sound like them.

Keep an eye out for Bright Red Kite, expect their shows to be lively and entertaining for all in attendance, and keep your eyes peeled for their Scavenger Hunt Items.

For up and coming local artists the band had a few notes of wisdom to impart; have camaraderie and network till you drop, promote your peers and show up for openers and stay for bands following you, expect the first few shows you play to fly under the radar, be prepared to market and promote yourselves because no one else will, and finally “be nice to the sound guys, but manipulate them to your benefit.”