What is Red on Black Music?

Red on Black Music is a blog dedicated to promoting the local music scene, right here in Vancouver. Our vision is to help local musicians receive recognition for their work, create connections between bands and listeners, and build a positive community for all.

How did Red on Black start?

Sarah Fawcett founded Red on Black in 2010 as a way to give back to her community, and give local bands a chance to be heard. After noticing that many bands she knew had difficulty breaking into the scene, she decided that there needed to be a space – free of negativity and bias – that showcased their work.

Who writes for the blog?

We are music-makers, writers, videographers, and sonic omnivores intent on bringing the Vancouver music scene to your living room. At Red on Black, we are 100% volunteer-driven. Our mandate is to give anyone with a passion for music a chance to participate in the process. If you have an opinion about music, a passion to help others in the musical community, or just have a really great band that you think others in the Vancouver area should know about, we want to hear from you.

We cover music about which we are deeply passionate. Music that makes us feel something. Music that speaks to us at all levels. Music that we hope also speaks to you. As a non-profit comprised solely of volunteers, we understand the meaning of community, and we value the connections that music makes possible between musicians, promoters, artists, venues, magazines, and local businesses.

It is exciting to live in a city where the local music scene grows larger by the day, and which contains a plethora of amazing singer/songwriters and bands – some widely known, and others just waiting for their time in the spotlight. We believe that supporting these artists is integral to the sustainability of the local music scene. Our goal is to offer a positive platform upon which these artists can stand and share their sound.